Currently, I am sending patients to an outside center for these services. What’s the benefit of doing these tests in my practice?
As Healthcare changes, patients have been much more decisive on who they chose to be there provider. Offering diagnostic testing helps increase your patient retention rate, and adds a valuable tool in marketing your practice. Our services make it more convenient for your patients while decreasing their traveling and wait time to an "outside center".

I am a Physician or Healthcare Facility and have several locations. Is this equipment portable?
Yes. The equipment can easily be moved from multiple locations. Don't worry. We bring our equipment to you!

How much space is required to perform the diagnostic testing?
A standard size exam room is typically all that is needed.

Who will be performing the tests?
One of our highly trained technicians will perform the diagnostic testing. Copies of their credentials, are available upon request.

Are these services covered by Medicare and other Insurances?
Yes, Medicare and other insurances cover for medical diagnostic testing.

I am not familiar on how to read or interpret the results. Who can help me with that?
Our affiliate physicians will assist you in every phase of testing, reading and interpretation of all test data. Furthermore, the Board Certified Physicians are available to review the results.

Why use specifically Balance Diagnostics?
It’s simple! The personalized service and unique abilities provided by our staff differentiates us from all competition. We pride ourselves in truly being the best. See it for yourself and give us a call to schedule a meeting.