About Us

Balance Diagnostics was founded in 2009, offering on-site medical diagnostic testing for Physician Practices / Healthcare Facilities. Our mission is to deliver world-class service focused on preventive medicine and early intervention ('anticipatory care').

At Balance Diagnostics we offer the highest quality of medical diagnostic testing on the market. We have offices all throughout the Greater New York and Long Island area. Our skilled technologists, and friendly staff are dedicated to meeting every patient’s needs. Our services are utilized by Private Physicians, Hospitals, Clinics, ALF’s / NHF’s and individual patients. The personalized service and unique abilities provided by our staff is what truly makes us who we are.

Safety, Convenience, Reliability

We use state-of-the-art equipment to perform safe, comprehensive examinations. Our technologist’s conduct a full and thorough diagnostic protocol specifically designed by the board certified specialists. In-office testing provides an opportunity to give patients a comfortable method of treatment, while providing our clients with appropriate follow-up visits, and course of treatment actions.

All reports are interpreted by board certified physicians including cardiologists,
neurologists and radiologists
and are delivered to the ordering physician within 72 hours.

If you’re looking to expand your services by offering the best tools for your patients, than
Balance Diagnostics is right for you!